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PostSubject: Honeydukes   Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:36 pm

Honeydukes, the sweetshop, is nearly everyone's favorite. Located on the High Street of Hogsmeade, it also can be reached by secret passage from Hogwarts. The passage begins at the one-eyed witch statue in the middle of the third-floor hallway. At the word 'Dissendium,' the hump on her back opens to reveal a tunnel. The underground passage ends with a trapdoor into Honeydukes' cellar, where extra crates of candy are kept .

A wooden staircase leads behind the counter of the shop. Honeydukes is lined with shelves of all kinds of sweets. Here one finds traditional toffees and coconut ices, nougats, chocolates, fudge, and also magical sweets. Examples of these are, of course, Bertie Botts' Every Flavor Beans, Jelly Slugs, acid pops, and Fizzing Whizbees. Their range of 'Special Effects' sweets includes quills made of sugar, Toothflossing Stringmints, Droobles Best Blowing Gum (the indigo bubbles of which linger for days), toad-shaped peppermint creams that leap in one's belly (hopefully not for days), exploding bonbons, Ice Mice to make one's teeth chatter, Pepper Imps to make one exhale smoke and flames, and sherbet balls that make one levitate. In addition to these sweets, the shop caters to 'Unusual Tastes' in one corner, boasting items such as cockroach clusters and blood-flavored lollipops for vampires.

Honeydukes is run by a portly, bald wizard and his wife. They live in an apartment above the store and seemingly have no clue their shop is connected to Hogwarts.

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