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 Hog's Head

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PostSubject: Hog's Head   Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:31 pm

The Hog's Head sits at the end of a side street, marked by a sign depicting a boar's head dripping blood onto a white cloth. When the wind blows, the sign squeaks on its rusted bracket. The inn has only one room for the bar. Dirt is packed over the stone floor and hardly any sunshine filters through the filthy bay windows. Candle stumps on each wooden table dimly light the room. A goat-like odor permeates the whole place. As the glasses and bottles are very dirty, and 'cleaned' with equally dirty rags, it is not unusual for patrons to bring their own beverage receptacles

The bar boasts an old wooden till which opens and closes magically. Aberforth Dumbledore is the barman, which at least explains the goaty aroma of the place: Aberfoth's brother Albus once explained to Harry that Aberforth had been prosecuted for practicing illegal charms on goats . Aberforth has run the place for at least twenty years. Unlike his brother, Aberforth does not have great people skills and tends to irritably slam drinks down on the bar when they are requested. Butterbeers are available, but it seems Firewhisky and the like are more popular with Hog's Head regulars. The Hog's Head seems to attract a more varied crowd than milder pubs like The Three Broomsticks
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Hog's Head
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