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 Lady's story

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PostSubject: Lady's story   Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:43 am

Here is where we get to see Lady grow up, attend, hogwarts and serve Lord Voldemort.

Borrick Arrives Home

It was a hot day in London. There were no clouds in the sky and the birds chirped happily, well as happy as they can be anyways. A middle aged man walked along a dirty road that was near his home, while carrying a dark green bag over his shoulder. He was a tall man of about 6’’3 and heavily built. He had dark brown hair, almost black. His eyes were dark blue. He had round cheek bones and a small nose. He wore a white t-shirt and a pair of black jeans with a set of black tennis shoes.

He hummed a tune that his mother used to sing to him when he was a little boy. Taking his time and enjoying the peaceful serenity that seemed to envelope him. Even is he could apparate into his home he’d rather walk. Walking seemed to help him calm his nerves and walking was also a good way for him to think.

He thought about his beloved wife and the new born baby. He couldn’t wait to hold a child in his arms again. It was the one thing he was looking forward to when he had come back from his strenuous sojourn. Being away from his beloved Arianna killed him inside. He missed her gorgeous face, her silky soft blond hair, her loving smile and those beautiful brown eyes that always seem to sparkle whenever her face would light up. While musing on his wife, the man finally came to a house at the end of the dirty gravel road.

The house was quite large. It was a three story home that contained a small front yard with a few big trees that surrounded the home and a dirty walkway that led to the front door. There was a garden in the back yard. The garden was full of beautiful flowers, such as red, white and yellow roses; there were also lilacs, and lilies, and of course the occasional friendly weeds that seem to pop up at least once or twice a week. There was a little forest behind the home.

The man smiled and walked into the house. Once inside of the home, he took his jacket out of his green bag and hung it up in the closet that was next to him. All of a sudden he heard a set of feet climbing down the stairs. And a set of voices were shouting claiming that he was home. He laughed at his children’s excitement. He held out his arms as one of them ran into him. He lifted up his child and pulled him into a fierce hug.

“Welcome back dad” said one of the children.

“It is good to be home Karabus and thank you.” He hugged him tightly once more.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed his oldest that was standing by the edge of the pole. Portal stood near the stairs, waiting for his turn to hug his father. As soon as his father was done hugging his little brother, Portal ran to his father and hugged him fiercely.

“How are you? Did you help your mother while I was gone?” Portal nodded.

“Where is your mother?”

“She is upstairs in the nursery dad.” He nodded and thanked his son. The man walked up the stairs and went inside the nursery. There he found his wife sitting in the rocking chair asleep. He smiled at her sleeping form. Quietly he walked over towards her and gave her a small kiss on the left cheek.

Her eyes fluttered opened and a man stared back at her. She smiled at him. She hadn’t seen him in a little over a year. She placed her hand onto his cheek and he leaned into it.

“Borrick, my love, it is wonderful to see you again.” Borrick nodded.

“I have missed you so much Ari you have no idea.’’

Borrick took a hold of Arianna’s hand and leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was long and sweet. When they broke apart, Borrick took a step back and looked around and saw the crib with his new born daughter. Smiling slightly, he walked over to the crib and picked up the baby. He couldn’t believe he was a father again.

“She has your eyes,” he said, while bouncing the baby in his arms.
Arianna nodded, smiling at the moment that was before her.

“And she has your smile.” Nodding at her comment, he asked, “Have you named her?” The baby in his arms was now making laughing noises.

“No not yet, my love. She was just born a few days ago. When I heard that you were coming home soon I waited to see what you would have wanted to call her.”

Sighing, he said, “Any name would have great my dear.” Looking at the child in his arms and thinking about a name that would suit her, he said, “How about Ladyanna, after my great-great-great grandmother, Ladyanna Galant.”

“That is a wonderful name love.”

Happy to have found a good name for the child, Borrick placed Ladyanna in her crib and walked over to wife, and kissed her on the cheeks again. He then left her there in the chair and went to go and play with his sons, whom he hasn’t seen well over a year.

Arianna watched her husband leave the room. Getting out of her chair she walked over to the crib and smiled and picked up the Ladyanna and rocked her gently back and forth. ‘Yes’ she thought, ‘Ladyanna is a good name for you child.’
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Lady's story
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