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 Crystal, the oldest first-year at Hogwarts

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PostSubject: Crystal, the oldest first-year at Hogwarts   Thu Feb 07, 2008 8:54 pm

Yeah, I kinda got a bit carried away with the titles and all, sooooo... xD

.~*Know Me Formally*~.
Crystalina Kelsie Gustaon, though she goes by CrhisaHoa StrhiaOrhn (CrystalHope StarHorn) to her Unican siblings and other creatures besides humans.
.~*Know Me Closely*~
Crys, Crystal, and sometimes Kels or Kelsie.
.~*Alive For*~
Fifteen Years, but is a first-year at Hogwarts - details in the history. Is often taken to be older, due to height, build, and the various personality and thought-processing quirks she has.
.~*What Am I?*~
Half human, half Unican (Species of unicorn)
.~*I Cast A Patronus Of*~
Well, it’s probably pretty obvious - a tall, graceful, elegant silver unisus mare =]
.~*I Reside In The House Of*~
.~*See Me Stand Tall And Proud*~

For her chosen Unicorn form, Crhisa has a soft, smooth white body that‘s well-muscled and supple, overall long and tall, with slim but strong long legs, which have bright gold stockings until about halfway above her knees and hocks. Her neck is long and graceful, with a gentle curve, and is topped with a thick, wavy golden mane that falls just below her shoulder, and will fall to either side, often both. Her forelock is just as long, falling just past her eyes, and just as wavy, and while it parts to either side of her horn it still often gets into her eyes. She also has a small piece of her forelock in a long, thin braid, which hangs neatly behind her left eye, due to it’s slight weight (An intentional overlap from her human form). In total, she stands at 19 ½ hands high at the withers, which still leaves her neck-length. Her golden tail is unique, reaching her fetlocks and set proudly - only slightly lower then an Arabians‘ - but the interesting part is that the actual tailbone and skin is long and reaches her hocks, like a lion's, but with long tail-hair growing from it like a normal equine's, so it is also akin to a hidden whip. Her ears are long, slim and elegant, and are set closely together (And therefore her eyes as well) to allow her eyes better binocular vision. Along with her eyes and mouth, they often portray her feelings like an open book, though she can be fairly unreadable should she have it in mind or if the situation calls for it. Her gold hooves are solid like a horse’s, and her gold-based alicorn is two feet in length, spiraling elegantly to a sharp, lethal-looking point as it glows softly with her personal colors of white and gold, plus the color(s) of whatever emotion(s) she's feeling currently. Deep sapphire blue, shining silver, rich amethyst, and clear, sparkling crystal decorate the gold in whorls upon her hooves, and slim spiraling bands in her horn. Her head is lightly built with a slightly concave profile, similar to an Arabian’s, with a wide gold blaze from her poll to her nose, where it completely encases her slim, dexterous muzzle. Her only detour from an otherwise white-and-gold pelt is a perfect, 4-pointed star that radiates out from the base of her horn, with the bottom point running down her blaze half again the length of the other three spots, which are two inches each. Starting at her horn and ending at the points of the star, the colors of her horn fade to one another, starting at gold and running through amethyst, sapphire, and silver before ending with white tinged lightly with light-blue. Her expressive crystalline-blue eyes hold flecks of gold, silver, sapphire and amethyst. Her only artificial adornment is a crystal pendant that hangs halfway down her neck (More detail on that in a sec).
Crystal’s Unican form has overlapped her human form thoroughly from the very beginning, and her appearance is very striking: She has milky-white, very sunburn-resistant skin covered with fine hair like that on her Unican body (In both feel, thickness and color corresponding to the relative area [I.E., arms and legs are gold, face holds a gold blaze and multi-colored star as when she‘s a Unican]), and her hair is a very bright, sunny gold. She keeps her hair long - only ever trimming the ends if they split - so it falls a good ways below her waist, and it’s slightly wavy and kind of fluffy around her face. She has a thin braid hanging by her left eye (it carries over to her Unican form), which hangs to her sternum. She went through a major growth spurt in the past year or so that left her at 5’10”, which along with her natural slimness makes her look thin and graceful, though this is countered by powerful - but in-proportion - shoulders to support and power her wings, and her overall body is built for speed, agility and flexibility, though her legs are well-muscled from dancing, and her arms and core from staffwork and bareback-riding. Her ears are that of a horse, set close together on top of her head, and very acute. Her eyes are slightly farther apart than a normal human’s, and match the color of her Unican ones. Her horn also carried over, though it was reduced in size to an inch and a half thick at the base and five inches long to the point, and glows with her emotions and Healing power just as her Unican alicorn does. She possesses a natural grace and strength that is the result of the instinctive and passive abilities of Unicorns greatly influencing her human form. She usually wears a tight (not TOO tight!) fitting wide-strap sports tank-top like many muggles wear, slightly-elastic but still loose shorts that hang a bit above her knees, and she’s almost always in bare feet, which are long and narrow - the less artificial clothes and such she‘s wearing, the easier it is to morph. Although it does get a bit cold, so in the castle or when she knows she wont be morphing, she usually wears her school robes over her 'morphing outfit', as she calls it, and regular muggle clothes and sweats when not in classes. The crystal pendant she wears as a Unican carries over to her human form, and she never takes it off.
Her wings aren't very simple either - the base color is snow-white, the top and sides are the amethyst of her horn and hooves with a vein of silver in the middle. Her particular hue of sapphire-blue streaks through the middle of each wing, breaking through the amethyst on both sides, with a vein of silver in the middle. The dark blue fades to a lighter blue above and below, fading to white above to border the amethyst and an even lighter, more crystalline-blue below before shifting to white once again. Her primaries are solid gold, her secondaries silver, and her alula (thumb) feathers are an even lighter shade of blue, barely more then a blue-tinted white.
.~*See Me Strong*~
Due to her unusual heritage, Crystal is exceptionally strong mentally than most - physical Shielding, Telepathy, Empathy, and a Healing touch she's gained from her Unican father's side of the family. Speed, endurance, agility and grace she received, too, and she's gained flexibility and gymnastic skills over the years. The potential for becoming a witch came from her mother's side of the family. Flying, horncing and staffwork she's worked on for years, and it has paid off - she can defend herself well without magic, and when she is high in the sky among the clouds is one of the times when she feels most at home, most at peace. The Irish witch who taught her that country's dance gave her yet another pastime that brings her happiness, and sometimes she'll simply sit and play her Penny Whistle or sing - though usually when no one but family is around. Many are her quirks, and you'll see them often, guaranteed.
.~*In My Spare Time, I May Be Found*~
Reading (Various interests), writing stories, and drawing (Mostly unicorns and ‘fantasy’!). She has also recently begun blossoming an interest as an herbalist - in both magical and muggle herbs, and loves nature and the creatures that reside in it, be they hippogriffs or horses, gryphons or cats, dragons or dogs (*COUGH*Ranoutofsimilarities*COUGH*). If and when she gets permission, she can often be sighted flying over the Forbidden Forest or the lake in either form, galloping around the grounds, and very often simply doing Irish Dance steps in the Castle’s hallways, down the steps, across the courtyards, and just about anywhere else besides classrooms - and even then, she’ll often subtly tap her feet beneath her chair or her hands upon her lap in vague representation of Irish Dance to pass the time. There are a bazillion other things she does when idle, but those shall be found out in time.
.~*I Hold Dear My Companions*~
She has two constant companions, a cat and an owl. The cat, Parody, has long orange fur with darker orange tabby stripes and markings from her head to the base of her tail, and her tail has rings of the same dark orange. She’s very lovable, and quite intelligent for a cat. Stardust, a medium-large, regal snowy with odd gold flecks, is also quite intelligent. Being around Unicanaa since birth as they have has an odd affect on animals - perhaps it’s the fact that Unicanaa often talk to them using images and impressions to better convey meanings, perhaps it’s some kind of magic the Unicanaa has no idea exists, or perhaps it‘s a combination of one or both of those as well as the fact that Pearl is a witch and uses magic often. Whatever it is, while these two loyal, friendly animals are not as intelligent as humans, they’ve picked up and understood more than most of their kind.
Crystal takes Irish Dance classesand gymnastics in the summer, and at the encouragement of her parents, she also developed her own style of staff and horn fighting, because she hates to fight and hurt others but wanted to be able to defend herself with more then her fists (and later, magic) - it's mainly defensive, though it has it’s share of non-lethal attacks. The main problem with this would be the fact that she’s never done much with it other than practice by herself and with her family and friends, thus she’s never used it in an actual fight before. And since she tries not to seriously hurt... Well, that kinda puts her at a disadvantage, doesn't it?
She also has a necklace that she never takes off, even when she morphs. Her family and friends made it for her, using long pieces of tail-hair from her own tail and those of everyone else, making a thick but silken-soft rainbow-colored cord, with a pendent of special Crhisalia from the Unican CloudValley strung together in a cluster in the center of the necklace. Each family member and friend named the Crhisalia they gave Crystal: Ruby Red for Jewel, Night Opal for Ski, Fire Topaz for Amber, Amethyst __ (Waitingn for Mom to decide =P) for Crystal’s mother Mhichelle, Emerald Forest for her father Ghary, Sky Jet for Ski‘s father Comet, and Smoky Pearl for his mother Pearl. A piece of clear crystal tinted a faint sapphire blue, which Crystal named Clear Sky, half again as long as the others hangs in the middle of the cluster, with the other Crystals chiming gently against it whenever she moves. When she touches these Crystals, she feels closer to her loved ones emotionally, and the gentle chiming calms and sooth her, often helping to clear her mind.
And one last thing: Her staff, which she named StrhiaHoa (StarHope). Her family and friends made this for her when she expressed interest in learning staff work as a human, and when it was finished, used one of the few small magics Valley Unicorns possessed and made it nearly indestructible - it can’t burn, it wont rot, and a blade would have to chip at it for an indecent amount of time (Indecent for a fight, that is) in the same place to crack it. If the passive shields set around it are neutralized, however, by completely shattering the Crystals on its top, then it would be like any other branch. Valley Crystals are almost diamond-solid, though, and not very receptacle to normal magic, something that undoubtedly has to do with the passive magic surrounding the CloudValley from whence they originate. StrhiaHoa itself is a pure white branch five feet long, polished smooth, with five Crystals set in it’s top; Again, Ruby Red, Night Opal, Fire Topaz, and another Crystal, Sapphire Sea, representing Crystal herself. These four are set so that their tips encircle and hold another Clear Sky Crystal, half again as large as the others, which tapers to a sharp point.

I think that’s everything =D Sorry for the length, it's really quite short compared to what I'd normally do for a site like this... I really did shorten it up considerably (For me)... Really... ^_^' Interesting read though, right? Right? *Hopeful look* I might move this to my room, again, since it feels weird having this huge monster up with all these other normal-length bios... O_o

I’ll get Ski’s bio up, and their history and weaknesses will be in their ‘diaries’ ^_^ If anyone can get any of their history right from the bits and pieces mentioned throughout the bios, you’ll get a cookie =D
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Crystal, the oldest first-year at Hogwarts
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