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 Professor Lady Rings

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PostSubject: Professor Lady Rings   Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:07 pm

Name: Lady Rings
Age: 37
Species: Half witch, half demon. Her mother was a demon, her father was a wizard.
Height: 5”7
Hair: blond and somewhat brown
Eye color: Grey
Abilities/powers: She can fly on her own, has the ability to posssess people and is a shapeshifter. She doesn’t need the polyjuice potion to turn into anyone
Wand: Ebony wood and unicorn hair & 11 ˝ inches.
Pets: has a pure black owl named Midnight.
Family: Has no family because Voldemort murdered them in her home, because they would not join him.
Favorite classes: History and Defense Against the Dark Arts
Her fear: That Voldemort will find her and control her without her permission.

She went to Hogwarts when the marauders were in school. She didn’t make many friends; she was more interested in her schooling. She is very easy to get along with.
She was once a death eater for Lord Voldemort. She used to serve him willingly because he was the only one who seemed to accept her for who she was. Until one day she found out that all he really wanted was her powers and to control her demonic form for his own personal needs.
About a year later after she left Voldemort, she later went to see Dumbledore, asking him to help her. He gave her a job working at Hogwarts as a professor and has asked her to join the Order of the Phoenix.
((Still working on her background))
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Professor Lady Rings
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