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 Professor Stewie

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PostSubject: Professor Stewie   Wed Jan 30, 2008 5:55 pm

Name: Stewie
Age: 2
Subject: Psychology and Mind Control ( can give good advice)
Likes: People who work hard and get their work done
Dislikes: stupid people who don't know what he is talking about when they should be listening.
Personality: Nice sometimes don't push him cause he can turn evil. Very intellegent especially when it turns to world domination.
Clothing: Red wizards out fit. ( sometimes wears hat but not all the time)
History: Family of the Griffins with a mother he wants to kill, his dad who he calls fat man. Two other siblings Chris and Meg along with Brian the annoying talking dog who never can get his novel finished. Always working on plotting on world dominiation and killing Lois for bringing him into this place he calls human life.
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Professor Stewie
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