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 Professor Raffaello

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PostSubject: Professor Raffaello   Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:17 am

Name: Raffaello
AKA: Raphael
Age: said to be ancient, but in actuality, only about 35.
Species: Human Turtle crossbreed
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 165lbs
Abilities: Magic user, non-magic using fighting skill; Hold breath longer than humans, keen sense of smell, eye for detail
Teaching Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Horticulture, Natural Sciences
Secondary Subjects: Martial Arts, Weapons master
Hobbies: Reading, cultivating colorful fish (bettas Razz) and edible plants to add to his specialized diet.
Likes: A quiet evening, basking outside in the sun on warm days, swimming, and a good sparring session.
Dislikes: A student who's ego is bigger than their head.
Favorite dish: grilled lemon pepper salmon, vegetables, mashed potato and fresh lemonade. He loves the simple muggle meals. Razz
Owl: Great Horned Owl; name Ishi.
Patronus: Havent figure out that yet, I'm leaning towards a Stallion or...a Wolf.

Professor Raffaello is a one of a kind magic user from the small village of Misty Pond, a community made up of humanoid turtle people. He is something of an outcast from his own people due to the fact that he is not full turtle, his mother was a human who had skill in the magic arts. His father was full turtle. Raffaello looks neither human, nor turtle-but a perfect mix of each species. Raffaello appears less rougher than his kin, who have thick scaled on their arms, legs and other areas. He has none of these, only smooth human-like skin. Like his father he has a full carapace, front-back-and sides. Like his mother, his eyes are deep brown. No hair. He often wears traditional Japanses clothing, it seemd to fit his ungodly body the best and is very comfortable. Black hakama, kimono with a dark red light jacket over the latter. He oftne keeps his wand tucked in the belt of his hakama. On this jacket and his kimono, instead of a typical Japanese clan, the house of Griffyndor is displayed. As he is the leader of such. The wand itself, about 15.5", made of African blackwood, carved with an oriental flair, with a antique red handle and the rounded end carved with the pattern of a turtle shell. (this one: )
He is often very friendly, out of the classroom. In class is another story. He is strict and expects no less than excellence from each student. He is dedicated to his charges and will spend as much time as needed to help them excel.
Behind the scenes though, he is another person. A quiet romantic, with a taste for the common foods. He has been in love only once, a full blooded turtle girl who was forbidden to associate with him. She loved him, only from a distance though, and vice versa. She eventually chose her mate and raised many hatchlings. He strongly believes in honesty, loyaty, compassion, humility, and trust. The worst thing you can do is betray him, you would wish you hadn't.
The other factor that cast him from his own home, that he is the only one of his kind to be able to use magic. After witnessing an event (that I'll write out later) the villagers became fearful of him. His mother died from a sickness, his father distraught over her death, met his own end only a few months later by way of the drink. Without his parents, Raffaello was lost, he was only a young man of eighteen and suddenly chased from his home with only the clothing on his back and a a bag with a few belongings. His home was burnt to the ground.
He traveled across the globe, staying hidden behind a cloak; citing that his "deformation" may frighten "fellow" humans. He learned many skills, he took great interest in the fighting arts excelling at karate and weapons. At times he preferred good old fashion fighting than using his magical skill. He ended his tour of the world returning to his village, which immediately was rejected. Despondent and alone, he wandered the lands until he came across Hogwarts, befriending Hagrid then ultimately taken under wing by Dumbledore, finding his true skill and eventually teaching the fighting arts and Magic Defenses.
He is extremely loyal to Dumbledore, no power could turn him against the fatherly man who accepted him for who and what he is.

Invite him for a cup of tea, he would be your friend for life.

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PostSubject: Re: Professor Raffaello   Wed Jan 30, 2008 12:07 pm

Excellent Background, Raph ^_^
Let's pretend there isn't that darn curse that sends teachers away after a year from teaching the DADA class, for I'd like to be under his teachings. ((Caly's a Hogwarts student))

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Professor Raffaello
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